Saturday, 18 October 2014



In this post I would like to share with you series of video tutorials explaining in detail the procedure to create a single storied house using AutoCAD 3D . Please go through each video and try the procedure on your own using the drawing files provided on the video description page of each video .
You can interact with me for any clarifications .


In this video You will get an idea about the the role of AutoCAD , 3DStudio max and Photoshop soft wares in creating a photo realistic view .   

Creating 3D Walls

The following videos demonstrates two different procedures to create 3D walls using AutoCAD .
You can go through each procedure and understand the difference .

Creating 3D Door

This video teaches you the the steps to create various elements of a 3D door such as door frame , door shutter etc, . Just create a door and you can use it for any number of times in all your future projects .

Create 3D Window

This video teaches you the procedure to create 3D windows . The various elements of a window such as window frame , shutter , glass etc. are shown using an animation and you will also get an idea about the design and dimensions of these elements . 

Create 3D Ventilators 

Creating Foundation , Steps , Floor  and Car porch

Creating 3D Sloped Roof with Gable 

These videos demonstrates the method to create a 3D sloped roof using AutoCAD with ease .

Create Plastering grooves on the wall

Create a Compound wall

Create a Path way make a perspective view

Once you complete all the lessons you will be in a position to perform Architectural modelling using AutoCAD . You can also reuse all the objects such as door , windows , ventilator etc in your future projects . You can go through each lessons while you practice so that you can go along with the tutorials with the same pace  . The more you practice the greater will be your confidence level and speed . . The speed and proficiency cannot be obtained over night . It needs several hours of practice .

Here is another project for you to practice ...

You can download the necessary files from the video description page of  this video in Youtube . (Watch this video in Youtube).

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  1. Just wanted to say thanks for all your hard work on these tutorials. I am working my way through them and have found your explanations very clear and concise. I hope you will keep adding tutorials when you have time.

  2. thank you very much sir for your very helpful tutorials
    can I get the 2D AuotoCAD file to practice pleas